the second half of Sword Art Online is terrible.

sorry that i only make text posts to complain but I need to complain about Sword Art Online, so obviously spoilers. also none of this is developed or grammatically correct or whatever because it’s 5 am and whatever:

Sword Art Online’s first half was SO DAMN GOOD. Aside from some weird plot points (The whole “Yui as a child” thing is pretty overdramatic and not entirely developed), you could show that to someone who isn’t even into anime, and they’d probably enjoy themselves.

but the second half, what the hell. you diminish your heroine to an object (and the only real purpose of the arc is to keep her from being raped by a one dimensional villain, now that’s fucked for all the wrong reasons). you remove all sense of urgency by essentially making any danger irrelevant because everyone can respawn. you make our protagonist look like a total idiot by having him running around doing all this unimportant shit because uh, he has some sort of honor code for a game when his wife is off about to be raped by some creep what the hell man. then you play the incest romance card and make some dumb shit love triangle that isn’t a love triangle (which isn’t to say that plot point was completely wasted, especially with that confrontation between Suguha and Kirito in the real world, but it is so clumsily integrated that it’s pathetic)

to briefly get away from undeveloped bitching, i guess my biggest problem is that there is so much potential in SAO’s issues, but instead they are played like everything makes perfect sense and needs no explanation. Kirito’s insistence upon not killing NPCs in SAO is NOT a good justification for him fucking around in ALO when he should be racing against time (so he can white knight all over everything, weak). It’s him displaying a mental disorder, and I’m not joking. Do you know how fascinating that would be to explore? Kirito is at a point where he is willing to potentially sacrifice ACTUAL HUMAN LIVES by wasting time to protect bits of programming. How fucked is that? But instead, as the audience, we are just expected to totally accept that. There is no explanation; there is no justification. Suguha’s affections for Kirito could be SO COMPLEX. Do you know how cool it would be to actually investigate them? But instead it’s played like the stereotypical “everyone falls for the male protagonist” junk that we see all the time. compare that to the first half of SAO, where Asuna and Kirito’s relationship develops logically over two years. It was the first anime relationship I’ve gotten behind in forever because it actually made sense, and it seemed so human. I was willing to suspend my disbelief, and I was actually stoked to see how it would play out when it came time to “go back to the real world.” How can you just toss all that aside for some underdeveloped quasi-incest for half of a season (while completely destroying the strength of your female protagonist in the process)?

plus why are we pretending kayaba is an okay guy at the end and nourishing his fucked up MMO idea when he is directly responsible for the deaths of like two or three thousand people? Is literally every person in this show suffering from a mental illness? why aren’t we talking about this? why are we all pretending this is okay? why does the second half of this show make no fucking sense?

what a mess.